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29 June 2018


Carpet shampooing

brings change of venue

Moving furniture

to shampoo carpets

Spring cleaning in winter

to welcome VIP visitors

Son and daughter in law

coming from Kenya

Sitting in the kitchen

with my computer

Different outlook

than at my desk


Sometimes I ride the bus

to the Canberra CBD*

or the Kingston public library**

to write

Not for inspiration

but for change

of venue

of thought

If I set out to write

some place other

than at home

I am a writer


What has brought

the most change is

support from two women

in our writers’ group

AND writing the blog

Life Expectancy:

searching for reconciliation***

Reliving the time and travel

to research about my father’s life


Writing the blog

makes the story

the book

I am writing

Life Expectancy

come alive

I recognize

my own commitment

appreciate it

accept it

and will continue

My father W. Lon Hutchison as a young man                  
photograph with artificial colour added


*Central Business District

**Kingston is a neighbourhood in Canberra, Australia

***Life Expectancy is the title of the fictional book I am writing, based on some events in my father’s life

Poetry in motion

(on the bus in Canberra Australia)


Grey green rain

Winter grass


Fog shrouding

Black Mountain

Softening the

harshness of

Telstra tower

Bare tree limbs

reach up

Edging the lake

Ride ending

Get off

Go on


Reading Gary Snyder

Grey shale roof

Mountain over village

A few lines

Others go nowhere

Awareness sharpened

By thought and travel

Can we all be poets

If we keep moving?




Pain of cars upon cars

taking up tree space

Metallic invaders

destroying people and plants

Square standing building

Windows in shadow

Books upon books inside

protected forever

Will someone read them?

Why write if not read?

Why paint if not seen?

Why breathe if not loved?

Still winter

Grey green landscape


by extreme yellow

too abundant flowers


bending branches

to the ground


Look at me

Like the raucous flock

of sulphur crested cockatoos


Beating out the competition

Blooming extravagantly

before others

even get started.

Acacia pycnantha

Golden Wattle



Wattle Trees 60146Wattle Cascade 60151




A belt of fog

just below

the ridge

of the Brindabellas

Almost like mountains




Pink stripes

of clouds

at dusk

seen through

black silhouettes

Trees in winter

So much lost stuff


a child’s shoe by a sign for

the Lake Burley Griffin circuit

Just one small white shoe

with Velcro fasteners


Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra Australia

Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra Australia

Another day a red

baseball cap

on the grass

driving by

could not make out

the logo



A black glove

on the sidewalk by the lake


A week ago

a pair of black knitted gloves

on the path

climbing Mt. Tennent


Pamela and Micki hiking Mt Tennent

Pamela and Micki hiking Mt Tennent

Last week

a knitted dark blue beanie

on the path

at Red Hill Nature Reserve


Eucalyptus Red HIll Nature Reserve Canberra Australia

Eucalyptus Red HIll Nature Reserve Canberra Australia

Two weeks ago

a faded pink

cotton cap

outside the amenities block

at Boodoree National Park

Jim hiking at Boodoree National Park

Jim hiking at Boodoree National Park

Lost stuff is everywhere

Perhaps more is lost

in winter

More stuff to wear

and manage








In winter

more layers to

pull down and up

with every

visit to the loo


In winter

more stuff to wash

less time to dry

Clothes left

on the Hills hoist

will be frozen overnight


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