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Let me write about Jim’s cousin, Li Anping, who lived in Beijing. How long have I known him? Forever more or less. How many ways has he helped me? Many, but one stands out.

An Ping at a family luncheon September 2015

Anping at a family luncheon September 2015

Over ten years ago I suffered from dizziness – making my everyday life difficult. When I got out of bed some days, nothing obeyed gravity, including my own body. The dizziness occurred off and on for years. Stress related but something more. I went to many doctors and clinics in several countries. With no success.

While visiting Beijing in 2002, Anping took me to Dr. Gu’s clinic. A small somewhat dark place – full of large machines – and people hooked up to them. Some of them jerking from electrical charges. The scene was somewhat off putting, but I trusted Anping. Besides nothing else had worked.

Dr. Gu sent me to a nearby hospital for what? Everything was written in Chinese characters so I had to go with Anping and assume all would be well. Anping does speak English but doesn’t know all the technical terms.

I got a scan of my head. I brought back the picture of my neck and head to Dr. Gu. Anping translated. Dr. Gu pointed to certain regions of my neck and head. His diagnosis: blockage in my neck by calcium deposits, leading to not enough blood circulating in some areas of my brain, affecting my sense of balance.

Dr. Gu started treatment right away, hooking me up to one of those large machines that give small electric impulses. He told Anping I would need several months of treatment. I was about to leave Beijing in two days, but decided I would come back some time and give it a try.

Long story short, I returned the next year, 2003. I went five days a week for several months to Dr Gu’s clinic for electronic acupressure treatment while teaching nearby at Beijing Foreign Studies University. I even continued during the SARS epidemic when everything was shut down. When Dr. Gu had to shut his clinic due to the government policies enacted to stop SARS, one of his assistants brought a portable machine to a hotel near our apartment for my treatment to continue.

The dizziness ended and has never returned. Thank you Dr. Gu. Thank you Anping!

Family Luncheon Beijing, September 2015, An Ping on right, standing next to his wife Zhilan

Family Luncheon Beijing, September 2015, Anping on right, standing next to his wife Zhilan

And thank you Anping for so many wonderful luncheons with Jim’s relatives in China. Thank you for your interest in keeping Jim and myself in touch with China and Jim’s relatives. Thank you for your suggestions for excursions and places to visit in China. Thank you for your big smiles whenever we got together.

Li Anping died 20 November 2015 in Beijing, age 79.

We’ll miss you Anping!


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