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1 March 2018

Remembering 1 March 2011

In my mother’s house

by her bed side

A few days earlier when she asked, Am I dying?

I replied, Yes and everything is taken care of.

So grateful that I could be there

with her those final days.

I flew to Kansas City from Nairobi

to join the team caring for her at home.

Deedee was the carer closest to my mom.

I was the back up,

listening every night on the monitor

in my bedroom

connected to her sleeping porch.

Listening for any changes, any sounds.

In the final days

my older son joined us.

We were by her side

when she opened her eyes

and looked at us both.

We each said, I love you

and she was gone.

Miss you mom.

Bette Hutchison Silver (date 1996?)

Bette Snidow Hutchison and Pamela, 1945





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