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How do we keep family

with us

through geography

through belief systems

through property

through money

Or today



digital photos



How many homes today

have printed photos

old family photos

family photo albums?

What will happen to family photos

in the future?

Will everything be online?

Will people look at their

family photos?

Every day I pass by

my family on shelves

next to my kitchen cupboard.

Old photos

When was the last one taken?

Over five years ago

The oldest one?

Not sure but

there is a photo of my

paternal grandfather

who was shot and killed

or so the family lore goes

by a jealous husband

somewhere in Oklahoma.

So that would have been


Sometime in the 1920’s?

Then the photo of my father

With his sister Margery

and brother Jack

could be older.

My father born in 1907

He looks to be about 10 or 11

in the photo.

Family lore has it that he left

home at 13 and rode the rails

From Oklahoma

to San Francisco.

Photo of my brother Lon

with his wife Olivia and

our mother Bette Silver

in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Photo of Jim with his

older sister Erica

mother Hsiao Li

father Michael Lindsay

in Oxford England, 1947.

Photos of me as a baby, 1946

held by my mother

Bette Jo Hutchison

and my maternal grandmother

Irene Higginbotham.

Photo of my sons Nathan and

Gabriel with their cousin Lawrence

in Kansas City

Date? Maybe about 1989?

Can I name all the places

the photos were taken?

Kansas City, Joplin, Missouri

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oxford, Lake District, England

San Francisco, Pajaro Dunes,

Yosemite, California

Beijing, China

Islamabad, Pakistan

Caracas, Venezuela.

Not all the family is present.

Not all the places are listed.

Family on the shelves in my kitchen, Canberra, Australia

Family on the shelves in my kitchen, Canberra, Australia


Hsiao Li Lindsay, author of Bold Plum

Jim Lindsay’s mum, Hsiao Li, who died in April 2010 in Beijing, China, was a heroine in the fight of the Chinese people against the Japanese occupation during World War II.

Cover of Bold Plum, photo of Michael Lindsay and Hsiao Li, at their wedding, Beijing, 1941

Bold Plum the  memoir of her years behind Japanese lines contains some of the best commentary on life in war-torn China, said Gail B. Hershatter, a history professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

We are delighted to announce that the Fascinating History Book Club of the Washington DC book store  and coffee house Politics and Prose will feature Bold Plum on Thursday 23 Aug 2012  at 7:30 pm.

Bold Plum, featured at Fascinating History Book Club, Politics and Prose, Washington DC







For more information  Hsiao Li and Bold Plum in Washington Post  Bold Plum at Politics and Prose Book Store Washington DC

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