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Bette Hutchison Silver with her nephew Lawrence Andre

Across continents

Across time

Across consciousness

Across memory



your birthday

in Australia

where I live

Tuesday 10 March

but not yet in

the USA

where you were born

10 March 1922

in Joplin Missouri


Connecting with you

Connecting with family

Opening up




Missing you


Happy Birthday


27 May 2019

Reconciliation Day

Smith’s Alternative

Canberra, Australia

Artist Julie Nangala Robertson          Warlukurlangu Artists                               Yuendumu        Australia


That Poetry Thing: Us Mob Writing

It’s Our Mob, isn’t it?

We’re in this together

more than ever

We know

we depend

on our land

our love

our community

our country

This is Our Mob

Our belonging

We acknowledge it

embrace it

Yet our community

connection to country


by the federal government

the Not Us Mob

Today 22 June is the birthday of my brother Lon, aka “little Lon” because he was Lon Jr. and he was over 10 years younger than me.

In June 1955, I was about to go away for 8 weeks for summer camp in northern Michigan.  I kept waiting and waiting for my mom to have this baby.  He was a month late and weighed almost 10 pounds.  Lon was born just before I was about to get on a train to go to camp.  I got to see him just once before I left.

Lon died 5 May 2014, in Mazatlan, Mexico.  While he was on his bicycle at a corner waiting for a traffic light to turn green,  a bus clipped him and knocked him down.  He died almost instantly.

I am thinking of you, Lon.  Your photo is on my  computer.

We miss you Lon.

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011



      Lonna, Bette, and Pamela






Today is

my sister’s birthday

She would have been





along the way

we lost touch

with each other


We grew up together

then grew apart


she’s gone


But I will


her birthday

10 March 2017

Mom’s Australian Hat from her visit in 1992

the passing on                                                                                                                                  from one generation to another
an object
a beloved object
my mother gave me                                                                                                                      too many objects
I wear them
I remember her
but there are so many
Is any one special
was any her favourite
no way to know

Today’s your birthday, Mom. I wish we could celebrate together.

Love,                                                                                                                                           Pamela



Out of sorts



Feeling down and out

For no apparent reason

Cold in and out of the house

Electricity shut off during

Re-installation of solar panels

Suddenly I



would have been

the 60th birthday

of my brother

I miss you Lon.

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

22 June 2014


He is not here

to celebrate

He would have been 59

Over 10 years

younger than me

He did not even live

as long as our father

Dead at 64

I last saw

My brother

at another death

Our mother

Age 89

He called from Mazatlan

on a Saturday

Talking with Mom

that he would be there

in Kansas City

to celebrate her


March 10th

But she died

March 1st

He missed her dying.

He missed another death

Two years earlier

of his wife Olivia

He was in Kansas City

with our mother

Olivia died in Mazatlan

He lost the two people

Closest to him

But was not there

when they died.

I am not there

I am not in Mazatlan

I did not see him dead

I read the notice in

the Mexican paper

Hit by a bus

his name misspelled

So I can say

He is dead

But I cannot yet

believe it.

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

19 Feb 2014   Nairobi, Kenya

Celebrated my birthday in Nairobi with my son Nathan and his girl friend,

outdoor dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.

You would have liked all my gifts,

Natural wood carving with small bird Hand made in Nairobi

Natural wood carving with small bird Hand made in Nairobi

Wooden bird carving, natural wood

Wooden bird carving, natural wood

Bag made out of recycled plastic bags

Bag made out of recycled plastic bags

Birthday card of recycled paper and cloth

Birthday card of recycled paper and cloth

Small zipper bag made of recycled plastic bags

Small zipper bag made of recycled plastic bags

Mom–local arts and crafts and

recycled bags.

Wish you could be here, Mom.

Miss you.

Bette Silver, Botanical Gardens, San Francisco, California

Bette Silver, Botanical Gardens, San Francisco, California

Sketches of  Mazatlan Mexico

Sketches of Mazatlan Mexico by Bette Silver, in horizontal and vertical frames in bedroom, Canberra Australia

Bette's Inn Sign

Bette’s Inn sign on our patio wall Canberra Australia

Bette Hutchison Silver had an open house policy.  Until the last two years of her life, she had parties and frequently entertained her friends and neighbors on her wonderful screened-in front porch at 623 Greenway Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri.

Her house was full of objects that Bette collected during her travels throughout the USA, including from the SouthWest and antique trips with a friend to New England, from  Africa, which she visited several times, from Latin America, especially Mexico and Venezuela as well as from local Kansas City artists.

Bette shared her house and her collections with all, giving away objects that people admired.  After her death on 1 March 2011, all of the contents of her house, except for a few mementos kept by her family were sold at a house sale.

People everywhere, many of whom knew Bette Hutchison Silver, now have Bette in their house.

In our house in Canberra Australia, many of the objects that make it a home are gifts and objects from Bette Hutchison Silver.  On all our walls, our shelves, our book cases are objects from Bette.

From the entry way, through every room,  in our house in Canberra, Australia, there are reminders of Bette. In this blog are photos of just a few.

Please send me photos of the objects you have of Bette in Your House with any comments, memories, stories you might have.  I would like to post them on this blog.

Happy Birthday Bette! 

Bette Jo Snidow was born on 10 March 1922, in Joplin, Missouri, USA.  

Bette would have been 91 years old today.

We miss you Bette!



Our house in Canberra, Australia

Our house in Canberra, Australia

Entrance to Canberra house
Entrance to Canberra house

In our entry: Bette’s punched tin pie cabinet, from one of her many antique trips, with her hat from her Australian trip and some local artists multimedia art.

Bette's multi-colored Southwestern USA cabinet

Bette’s multi-colored Southwestern USA cabinet

Fantastic painted multicolored cabinet, with Kansas City cow sculpture, wooden and ceramic village and bus from Venezuela and painted fish from Mexico.

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