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no writing for this blog for months

not that I’m not thinking about

my mother

my family

my brother

my sister, who recently died of cancer

my nephews

my sons

What is taking up all of my writing thoughts, time?

my father

working on a novel

based on events in his life

events I never knew about

events that appear in documents

as if he were a stranger

I am still trying to get to know him

45 years after he died Lon Hutchison young man


Thanks to my mom, art has always been part of my life

Here’s some more art from and by my mom that is in our apartment in Oakland California.  These paintings are in my bedroom, across from my bed.  I look at them every day.


Art from Bette

The large watercolor on the right  is a landscape of somewhere in the Mid West by Wilber Niewald ( I took life drawing classes from him at the Kansas City Art Institute in summer of 1964. My mom gave me this wonderful watercolor painting about ten  years ago.  We brought it with us on our road trip when my mom, Jim and I drove from Kansas City to California in 2003.

The flowers in the middle below are by B J Hutchison (Bette Jo Hutchison).

The  painting on the left is by W. E. Snidow, my mom’s father, dated on the back 7-8-63.  Bill Snidow, my grandfather (from Joplin, Missouri, where my mom was born) wrote on the back in his own handwriting;  To Pamela from Grand Pa Snidow.

On the back  Grandpa Snidow also  wrote that the title of the painting is The Dutch Watermill.  Original painter was Hobbema  (born 1638, Died 1709). This picture was in a Belgian collection until 1817 after which it went to England.  It came to the Louvre through a purchase by Napoleon III from the Baron de Witzleben. 

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