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Feeling excluded


by poetry readings

Poetry should open up

new worlds

expansive ways of being

Aching head

Worn out by tedious presentations

Speaking only to themselves

and a closed off group of poets

But are they poets

if they speak only of other dead poets

of esoteric translations

Not speaking to me

Except for the Serbo Russian Australian woman

sitting next to me

She is a storyteller

I haven’t read her poems

Only one about Anzac day

I only partially understood

her use of the Aussie idiom

How many languages does she speak?

She speaks stories

so she will be heard

I seek refuge


barely able to drive home

Going to bed

Sleeping not too soundly

Awaken aching for something

Opening a poetry book

Our Post-Soviet History Unfolds

for solace

for reassurance

Do I still understand poetry?

Can I read and be comforted

that there are other worlds out there

other minds that

show me the world

I cannot see by myself?

Thank you Eleanor Lerman



Panorama, Depot Beach    New South Wales, Australia



If it matters

I should write about it


The grace of the Greens

the commitment

the creativity

the hope


Reaching out to

hidden reality

of people suffering

People not spoken of

not cared for

Imprisoned indefinitely

having committed no crime


Diving down

into the Reef

Caring for sea life

for beauty underneath


Listening to sounds

of gates

being locked

against intruders

coal mines

coal seam gas

that destroy land

and beauty

and life itself



traditional custodians

of country

who never ceded




the immense


of sun and wind

in an ancient continent

Greens Triangle







Wakalusa Lake, near Vinland Kansas USA

Wakalusa Lake, near Vinland Kansas USA

Blend together

fold in ingredients

as if making bread

add seeds




Bring together







Let rise

in a

warm place



What do you have?

Your self


My delightful, creative friend, Tausi Kumbatha, died of stigma. We worked together in Nairobi, Kenya and in Somalia. Tausi was a very talented radio producer and trainer. We had so many great times together.

In late 2000, Tausi was working in Nairobi while I was in and out of Somalia and living in Watamu, on the Kenyan coast. Whenever I was in Nairobi, I tried to contact Tausi. Often Tausi was ill but she always said it was just another attack of malaria. I began to wonder what was happening. When I raised the possibility that Tausi was HIV positive, one of her sisters told me to stay out of their family affairs. I withdrew, but still tried to stay in contact with Tausi.

At the time, Tausi’s family and many people in Kenya, including the then President Daniel Arap Moi, were in denial about HIV/AIDs.

Paraphrasing what Nelson Mandela once said, more people were dying from stigma than from AIDs.

With prompt acceptance of Tausi’s illness, she would be alive today.

I regret that I did not persist.

Thinking of you Tausi.

Tausi is on the left with the glasses.  Our friend Nasra is on the right.  We were in Nairobi celebrating Tausi's birthday

Tausi is on the right with the glasses. Our friend Nasra is on the left. We were in Nairobi celebrating Tausi’s birthday.

When you hear
a flock of parrots,
look up!



Sunset, Jervis Bay, Australia

Sunset, Jervis Bay, Australia


My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

Today is the day

the one year anniversary

of the death of

my brother Lon

my younger brother

in Mazatlan, Mexico.


I walk around the house

A sunny day

in Australia

But dark clouds prevail

hanging over me.


Something is missing

Someone is missing

How can this be?

I just shake my head

and go on

with the day.


I want to write more

about the effects

on our family

about the struggles

for emotional well being

But I dare not.


I just shake my head

feeling tension

building up in my neck

and get on

with the day.



The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 790 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

How do we keep family

with us

through geography

through belief systems

through property

through money

Or today



digital photos



How many homes today

have printed photos

old family photos

family photo albums?

What will happen to family photos

in the future?

Will everything be online?

Will people look at their

family photos?

Every day I pass by

my family on shelves

next to my kitchen cupboard.

Old photos

When was the last one taken?

Over five years ago

The oldest one?

Not sure but

there is a photo of my

paternal grandfather

who was shot and killed

or so the family lore goes

by a jealous husband

somewhere in Oklahoma.

So that would have been


Sometime in the 1920’s?

Then the photo of my father

With his sister Margery

and brother Jack

could be older.

My father born in 1907

He looks to be about 10 or 11

in the photo.

Family lore has it that he left

home at 13 and rode the rails

From Oklahoma

to San Francisco.

Photo of my brother Lon

with his wife Olivia and

our mother Bette Silver

in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Photo of Jim with his

older sister Erica

mother Hsiao Li

father Michael Lindsay

in Oxford England, 1947.

Photos of me as a baby, 1946

held by my mother

Bette Jo Hutchison

and my maternal grandmother

Irene Higginbotham.

Photo of my sons Nathan and

Gabriel with their cousin Lawrence

in Kansas City

Date? Maybe about 1989?

Can I name all the places

the photos were taken?

Kansas City, Joplin, Missouri

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oxford, Lake District, England

San Francisco, Pajaro Dunes,

Yosemite, California

Beijing, China

Islamabad, Pakistan

Caracas, Venezuela.

Not all the family is present.

Not all the places are listed.

Family on the shelves in my kitchen, Canberra, Australia

Family on the shelves in my kitchen, Canberra, Australia

I just wanted to say to you and your family how sorry we are for the loss of your brother, Lon.  We heard the news on May 6  from our other close friend, Sam, who lives in Berlin Germany.  He called us saying he heard the news through facebook friends and shared the news article with us.  

  I know it must have been difficult for you being so far away, and I am glad to see that you have made your way to Mexico.  Your blog that started out for your mom, has been a comfort to Lon’s friends, to at least hear your thoughts and in some way mourn together through that. I heard a lot about you and your family from Lon over the 20 something years of our friendship, but never had the pleasure of meeting you.  My husband David meet your mom many times when she would come to NY.

My husband David, Sam (who flew into NY from Germany), and some of Lon’s ex-coworkers from NY, and myself, got together last month in NYC to have our own little memorial for Lon.  We had some good food at Keen’s steakhouse (one of Lon’s NY favorites) and some drinks at a local bar.  We talked about our many “Lon stories”, and laughed and cried, and it was good for us all. 

I just wanted you to know that Lon’s NY friends did their best to do him proud and remember him, and we will never forget him.  He was a great friend and a huge part of the person I have grown into.  I met him through my husband when I was 17 (when we started dating) and now I am almost 44.  We would spend nearly every weekend with him in NYC, listening to music, going to concerts, shopping, eating etc. He was there when David and I got married, and he was there when my kids were born. My daughter Lynn is 20, and my son Kurt is 17, and they loved Lon too.  They had a great time visiting him and his family in Mazatlán back in 2008. We are so grateful we met Olivia before she passed away about a year later. We never saw Lon happier.

 I am attaching a couple of pictures we took when in Mexico.  One is a great family photo and the other is of David and Lon.

 All best to you and your family.


Connie Freda

New Milford, CT, USA

27 July 2014

I found this obituary of my mom Bette Hutchison Silver in the Pacific Pearl, the English language monthly magazine in Mazatlan Mexico

Bette Silver obit Pacific Pearl June 2011

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