22 June 2014


He is not here

to celebrate

He would have been 59

Over 10 years

younger than me

He did not even live

as long as our father

Dead at 64

I last saw

My brother

at another death

Our mother

Age 89

He called from Mazatlan

on a Saturday

Talking with Mom

that he would be there

in Kansas City

to celebrate her


March 10th

But she died

March 1st

He missed her dying.

He missed another death

Two years earlier

of his wife Olivia

He was in Kansas City

with our mother

Olivia died in Mazatlan

He lost the two people

Closest to him

But was not there

when they died.

I am not there

I am not in Mazatlan

I did not see him dead

I read the notice in

the Mexican paper

Hit by a bus

his name misspelled

So I can say

He is dead

But I cannot yet

believe it.

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011

My brother Lon Hutchison and me 2011